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POPSTAR 5 is a photocomic that uses the Subarudo Kirby figurines and other things as its characters. Its main characters are; Waddle Dee Williams, or "Wads", Kirby Kirby, or "Kirby", and Meta Knight, or "Knight". - Usually updates Mondays and Fridays!


Waddle Dee "Wads" Williams

Waddle Dee Williams, or "Wads", is a Waddle Dee, and one of the main characters of POPSTAR 5. His best friend is Kirby Kirby, or "Kirby", and Meta Knight, or "Knight". Even though his last name is Williams, Wads does not appear to be black. But, then again, it's hard to tell with Waddle Dees. Wads frequently comes up with strange ideas, only to have a fatal flaw be pointed out by Kirby or Knight. Wads claims to be able to play the flute exceptionally well, but this hasn't been proven.

Kirby "Kirby" Kirby
Kirby Kirby, or "Kirby", is a Kirby. Not the Kirby, but one of many Kirbies inhabiting the Popstar solar system. Kirby is best friends with Wads, and is only slightly smarter than him. He rarely uses Inhale for anything other than eating large amounts of food at one time. Unfortunately, he once accidentally used Copy along with Inhale when eating. You don't want to know how that turned out. Kirby lives next door to Wads, and Wads will sleep on his couch if he locks himself out of the house. Which happens at least once a week.

Meta "Knight" Knight
Meta Knight, "Knight", or occasionally "K'niggit" when talking to annoying French soldiers, is one of the Meta Knights (see below). He is one of the few Meta Knights to have sentience, and is therefore one of the leaders of the Meta Knights, along with two other Meta Knights and King Dedede. Knight is likely smarter than Kirby and Wads combined, and frequently chooses to stay out of their wacky shenanigans, as they are usually illegal shenanigans as well. Even though he doesn't particularly like it, Knight will usually help Wads and Kirby out of messes they've made.


The Meta Knights

One of the Meta Knights:
The Meta Knights are an army consisting entirely of clones of the original Meta Knight, who is now known as the Metaphysical Knight. He is usually described as dark blue and in the form of either a cloud in the shape of a Kirby, or a floating tesseract. The mass-cloning of Meta Knight is rumored to be the cause of this. The Meta Knight Army is currently being held in the center of Popstar.


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